Happy Mother’s Day

What would we do with out the great Moms and Motherly figures in our lives? We’d probably be malnourished, and be in extreme debt from having to pay a therapist to listen to our problems, but fortunately both Tara and I have been blessed with wonderful Moms / Motherly influences.

I just can’t believe how blessed I have been to have a great Mom in my life and to now have the most awesomest Mommy for our little boy. If I didn’t say anything, the expression and emotions that Witten expresses towards Tara says it all. Here are several photos from our Mother’s day relaxation times:

And here’s our little man going in to give Momma some lovin’

And Witten couldn’t help but give Tara a hand in reading her Mother’s Day card:

And if his attempts at trying to read and open the card weren’t funny enough, Witten decided to put on a show with some gardening gloves and the water hose

And here’s one of my wonderful wife to round out this daily recap

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