A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to meet up with Jonathon and Megan to grab some engagement photos in the Dallas – Ft. Worth.  Since Jonathon grew up in Irving, we decided to head that way and here are some of my favorites:

Yes, Jonathon had tickets to the “Gun Show” …

I love this one of Megan!  She was cracking up all afternoon.

These are two of my top pics from the session …

I think the picture below and on the left is awesome!  I love both of their looks and the nice back-light.

It was really good to catch up with Jonathon and Megan as we trekked through Irving and I’m looking forward to their June wedding back in my home town, Stillwater.

Tulsa Wedding Photographer | Stillwater Wedding Photographer – Foster Cryer


Hey! I love the pictures!! I am either cracking up or barely smiling! Which you told me to be serious! Jonathon looks GREAT!!!! Thanks for taking the time to come to TEXAS!!! By the way, Where’s the “other picture?”

(May 2nd, 2009)


Charla Lane:

I think it is crazy that I like your photography so much, I even enjoy pictures of people I don’t know!!! (To bad you aren’t any good)j/k

(May 2nd, 2009)


Foster Cryer:

@Megan – The “other picture” will be on the CD and will be in your inbox later tonight; I seriously need to make a shirt for you, but I have to still fine tune the look. @Charla – Maybe some day I’ll get the hang of this picture taking thing, right? Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by again.

(May 8th, 2009)


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