My lady & my boy


You are to be admired for your tenciaty in fighting city hall and for your integrity in volunteering and giving of yourself to the community. That is exactly what this Watchdog sees as an exemplary example of citizenship; may we all follow your example in not only correcting wrongs in government, but being a positive influence in our society.I probably have done business with you at Karmen’s Korner, and didn’t know it I am one of your frequent visitors; the gal on the scooter with the little dog. Does this ring a bell? See ya in court Monday. By the way, not being compensated for all you went through during the raid is in itself a wrong which needs correcting. Makes one wonder why the city wasn’t held responsible. This outcome encourages further actions of this sort towards citizens w/o being held responsible by the inflicting party. We have a fair Chief of Police; according to the story, the police, although came on strong (without certainty, bothers me), when all was cleared up, the policeman accepted responsibilty and assured you of help. The ball was dropped after that. Could you again tell us by whom and based on what? This, too, needs addressing. It might be a nasty can of worms to open , but never-the-less If we, as citizens, do not demand fairness before we are a police state (we are tetering on the edge, in my opinion)it will be too late.Responsibility in ALL actions should be the norm and no offense attorneys, but many of you are responsible for twisting the law. However, a few (or many) bad apples do not spoil the ENTIRE bunch. It’s time for the all the good apples to roll forward and help with correcting a seemingly unjust system.

(December 2nd, 2015)


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